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Master of Science (MS)


The history of the Taiwan Stock Exchange in the past seven years indicates that the Nationalist government has attempted to achieve a sound securities market for capital formation of the national economy. However, the performance of the TSE in the past seven years cannot be regarded as being successful. The meaning and significance of each important policy change and the effect of government measures aiming to the fulfillment of the policy are major concerns of this thesis. Analyses of historical events are treated so that they will vividly reflect intentions of government policies. Causes and results of each event are fully explored. Evaluation of government policies is conducted in the context of the national economy. Thus, the merits or demerits of each government policy and its success or failure is judged from the viewpoint of whether or not it contributed to the accumulation of capital for the national economy. Exploration of institutional problems in the sphere of the securities market is done with Taiwan's special background in mind. Comparisons of the Taiwan Stock Exchange with the New York Stock Exchange are made whenever it is possible. As a result of this study, some suggestions are made to the policymakers for future reference.


Dr. Milburn Little

Date of Award

Spring 1969

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Thesis - campus only access


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