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Summer 1968

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Education Specialist (Ed.S)


Advanced Education Programs


Emerald Dechant


The problem for this study was three-fold: (1) the first phase was concerned with observation and analysis of the verbal "lead" techniques employed by the counselor (all counsel or responses were viewed as being "leading" to some degree; (2) it was felt the client and committee of counselors would show little discrepancy as to the type of "leads" the functioning counsel or used; (3) the third phase of the problem was an evaluation of the decision-making behavior of the client and his self-concept after exposure to the various degrees of "leading" responses of the counsel or through a series of interviews. It was postulated that this study would show the counselor's technique to be very directive, in that his responses during the verbal interchange with the client would tend to be very "leading." It was also felt the client and professional counselors would show little discrepancy in interpretation of the type of "leads" the functioning counselor used. It was hypothesized that the client would tend to show more appropriate decision-making behavior and an improved realistic self-impression at the conclusion of the interviews.


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