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One of the most crucial problems which hinders educational advancement in Thailand is the lack of qualified textbooks. The Ministry of Education of Thailand has been striving to solve the problem by taking charge of printing the textbooks and selecting and approving the textbooks to be used in the schools throughout the kingdom. The Thai government also encourages the Thai educators to supply more textbooks to meet the needs of the country by various procedures and methods. Due to many reasons, the need for suitable textbooks for each grade level is apparently high. The present study is an attempt to resolve some problems in education in relation to the teaching of social studies in the eighth grade in the Demonstration School of Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand. It proposes a guide for developing the knowledge necessary to understanding modern day Thailand. The purpose is to provide not merely a random description but to point toward a more basic understanding of the processes of change in politics, economics and culture in relation to geographical background of the country from its origin in the Central Asia to the Ayudhya period. The content of the book is designed in accordance with the social studies curriculum constructed by the Ministry of Education of Thailand. The book is divided into five major parts. The first part is an effort to characterize the general background of contemporary Thailand concerning its location, its political, geographical and economic aspects. The second part deals with the historical background of the Thais before their settlement in the Indo- Chinese Peninsula. The third part presents the foundation of the Thai kingdoms in the Indo-Chinese Peninsula. The fourth part describes the historical background of the Sukhothai kingdom, including its geographical, governmental and cultural aspects. The fifth part presents the establishment of the Ayudhya kingdom and its cultural aspects which are considered the grass roots of the cultural development of modern day Thailand. As this study is proposed to be used for experimental purpose in the Demonstration School of Chulalongkorn University, the writer hopes that it will serve the need of the University as well as the writer's interest. It is also hoped that the result of this study will bring about further study on the same theme but at different levels, in the near future.


W. Clement Wood

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Spring 1967

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Thesis - campus only access


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