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Master of Science (MS)


In these sculptural creations, the artist is attempting to express how man is, consciously or unconsciously, spiritually inclined in his actions through the very act of being a human being. He believes that man is constantly contemplating right and wrong in his actions, and evaluating his human reaction to any given situation. Man has a conscience which guides him, and a set of values which has been established through environment, religion and his experiences. However, the artist feels that most acts performed by man are naturally endowed by the Creator. His natural human reactions are the result of man simply being himself. This sculpture exemplifies man in natural attitudes and positions which are very expressive of the human attitude we find in everyday life. The emotional content is found in the subtle and sensitive expressions of the figures. The artist feels that the spiritual aspect is prevalent in the figures, because they were created with a purpose and much thought and as a natural result of his own life. The artist also has a very strong feeling about the Holy Family. He does not believe they ever intended to become divorced and abstract from the identity of the human race, as they have seemingly become. It seems evident that mans identification with the Holy Family has become almost foreign and obscured to the point that it is so mystical and supernatural that man cannot really realize they were also very human and once lived on this earth.


Dr. Joel C. Moss

Date of Award

Summer 1966

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Thesis - campus only access


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