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Thesis - campus only access

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Summer 1966

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Master of Science (MS)




Kenneth E. Smoot


The present experiment was designed to determine the relationship of the variability index of repression to anxiety, as measured by PGR. Fifty-five Ss were administered level IIs and level IIIMM of the Leary Interpersonal System of Personality Diagnosis, and summary descriptive points were obtained for each S at both levels, as well as a discrepancy, octant change, intensity level II, and intensity level III score. Ss were then shown descriptive statements corresponding to their level II and level III summary points, and PGR responses were recorded to these presentations. The personality variables and PGR measures were then inter-correlated. Two personality variables, intensity level II and intensity level III showed significant correlations with two of the response measures. The results are discussed in terms of social desirability, in addition to experimental assumptions involving the personality systems predictive power, the adequacy of the response measure, method of presentation, and the level III personality tool.


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