Master's Theses

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Date of Award

Summer 1966

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




Jerry J. Cole


The homogeneous precipitation of tetraphenylarsonium dichromate can be used in the gravimetric analysis of chromium. Chromium (III) is oxidized slowly with cerium (IV) and subsequently precipitated with tetraphenylarsonium chloride. The precipitate obtained by this procedure is pure and easily filtered. It was found that 10 mg of chromium can be determined as tetraphenylarsonium dichromate with an error not exceeding 1%. The most effective precipitation occurs in 0.1 N to 0.5 N sulfuric acid. All ions which precipitate with tetraphenylarsonium chloride interfere in the determination. Ions (such as manganese) which can be oxidized by cerium (IV) to a species capable of reacting with the tetraphenylarsonium cation also interfere in the determination. The homogeneous precipitation of tetraphenylarsonium dichromate can be applied to the determination of chromium in steel and chrome ore samples.


Copyright 1966 Gerald L. Hoffman


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