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Master of Arts (MA)


A description and analysis of the struggle between John C. Calhoun and Martin Van Buren for the presidency is presented in this work. In this process, the development of the changing system and methods of political behavior is sketched. The activities of Andrew Jackson and other important men of the time are dealt with only in respect as to how they affected the careers of Calhoun and Van Buren, thus the manipulations of Van Buren become the central theme of the study. The bulk of the thesis deals with events taking place between 1828 and 1832 “the important years as far as determining the presidential successor”. As a background for this work, brief sketches are given of Jackson, Calhoun, and Van Buren. The concluding chapter, rather than being a discourse on the political events it discusses, uses political events merely as examples to show how the Calhoun-Van Buren struggle was continued in the vein of the new political age.


James L. Forsythe

Date of Award

Summer 1966

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Thesis - campus only access


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