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Master of Science (MS)


Two ground-based magnetometer surveys were conducted on the American Legion Brownfields Targeted Assessment site in El Dorado, Kansas during November 2011, in an attempt to locate two oil and gas wells that were abandoned prior to 1939. The search areas were delineated by Kansas Corporation Commission staff, and prior to the magnetometer surveys, investigated with ground penetrating radar and a metal detector in an unsuccessful attempt to locate casing material or backfilled drilling cellars. The magnetometer surveys yielded several anomalies that were dismissed as cultural noise after the results were compared with field observations. Two anomalies in survey area #1 were isolated from known cultural features and occurred in the same location as four anomalies that were detected by the ground penetrating radar. The magnetic anomalies were morphologically irregular; had intensities of 80 nanoteslas and 112 nanoteslas, and depths of 1.5 meters and 2 meters respectively. Survey area #2 has a positive magnetic gradient that increases in the direction of a known plugged well outside of the search area, and a circular anomalous low of 145 nanoteslas, adjacent to a vertical steel pipe, which is approximately 5 meters outside of the study grid. Further investigation is required to further the conclusions of this work. The anomalies within survey #1 are primary targets for excavation, which will allow the identity of the objects causing the anomalies to be determined. The areas adjacent to the magnetic gradient and anomalous low in survey #2 should be surveyed to determine if the magnetic character within the grid is related to the cultural features outside of the search area.


Dr. Kenneth R. Neuhauser

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Spring 2013

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