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Master of Science (MS)


An investigation of the replacement of iodine atoms of diiodocresols by a nitro group was made utilizing the Zincke method of nitration. The purpose of the investigation was to test the applicability of the Zincke reaction to verification of structure of the diiodocresols. Silver nitrite in glacial acetic acid solution was used as a modification of the Zincke procedure, which commonly used sodium nitrite in glacial acetic acid. The silver iodide which was postulated to be formed could be weighed for quantitative indication of replacement. Results from silver nitrite as a nitrating agent were not conclusive. When sodium nitrite was used, evidence was obtained by melting points that both iodine atoms of diiodo-m-cresol were displaced. Presence of the nitro group on the resulting compound was indicated from infrared spectra. Both diiodo-p-cresol and diiodo-o-cresol gave evidence of replacement but the resulting products probably were mixtures of mononitro and dinitro compounds.


Harold S. Choguill

Date of Award

Fall 1965

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Thesis - campus only access


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