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Master of Arts (MA)


That men of genius are temperamentally and emotionally moved by the marvels that surround them is an accepted fact. Scientists have long searched for and found answers to questions on the “how" of what occurs in man's environment. Science has not been able, however, to give humanity the "why" of life. The answer, being a philosophical one, could come only from the mental laboratory of man. The purpose of this study is to present, from the writings of Wordsworth and Thoreau, selections which compare in thought, wording, or both. Many of the quotations used concern t heir emotional reaction to the phenomena of Nature. To better understand the closeness of the two men's literary contributions requires a penetration into each author's philosophy. The first four chapters of the study attempt to penetrate Wordsworth's and Thoreau's study of Nature to find her deeply hidden meanings.


Verna Parish

Date of Award

Fall 1965

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Thesis - campus only access


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