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Master of Science (MS)


In recent years there has been considerable controversy involving the packaging industry. It has been alleged that a great deal of the packaging in use today is deceptive. It was hoped that through this study interested people may get some insight into present day packaging practices and problems. The sources of information used in compiling this paper include The Readers Guide for Periodical Literature, The Business Periodical Index, The International Index, and the Forsyth Library Card Index. Hearings on possible packaging legislation have recently concluded in the United States Senate. These hearings and the possible legislation have been studied. The Federal Food and Drug Administration and various consumer groups have furnished information concerning this problem. Chapter two follows packaging from the Uneeda Biscuit (the first package) to the elaborate container that we know today. Chapter three outlines the various allegations that have been levied against the packaging industry. Also included in this chapter is the attempt by the packaging industry to refute these allegations. In chapter four the Pure Food and Drug Law of 1906 and the 1938 Federal Food and Drug Act are outlines. These are the laws by which current day packaging must be regulated. Chapter five points out the various problems the Food and Drug Administration has had in enforcing current packaging laws. State activity in the regulation of deceptive packaging occupies chapter six. In this chapter it is pointed out that the various states have had difficulty regulating products that are traded in interstate commerce. The last chapter concerns itself with the possible packaging legislation that has been introduced in the United States Senate. This chapter also tells of the packaging industry's all-out effort to defeat this possible Law.


Dr. Milburn Little

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Summer 1965

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