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Master of Science (MS)


The purpose of this study was to provide the teachers at the Lincoln Elementary School, Hays, Kansas with a guide to go by in preparing the physical education program. Procedures: The procedures used in formulating the course of study were: a school survey, and organization meeting, a study of various curriculum guides, preparation of a yearly program, consideration of time allotment, preparation of monthly-weekly-daily program, preparation of detailed daily lesson plans, preparation of an equipment list, and preparation of a sample daily lesson plan for one week and putting it into effect. All activities for grades five and six were classified according to grade level. The activities and the allotted time for scheduling included: athletic games 25%, rhythms 25%, relays 10%, hunting and circle games 10%, individual athletics (self-testing) 10%, and developmental exercise 20%. The yearly program was based upon the aims and objectives as set forth by this author. The yearly program gives an over-all view of the entire program, with all activities for the school year being listed. The monthly-weekly-daily program was based upon the yearly program. The activities have been scheduled according to the season, with football and volleyball in the early and late fall, respectively, basketball in the winter, and softball and soccer in the early and late spring. All activities in the program were scheduled form the simple to the complex, with continuity and progression throughout. The activities for the daily lesson plans were taken from the monthly-weekly-daily program. The daily lesson plans include the activity to be taught, the amount of time recommended for the activity, the area of participation, brief pints to stress while teaching, and coed references naming the location of a source for the activity. Measurement and evaluation factor considered in the physical education program were: physical fitness tests, physical performance skills tests, knowledge tests, and social adjustment tests. Recommendations: The following are recommendations suggested by this author: 1. a curriculum guide similar to that described in this study should be prepared for kindergarten through grade four at Lincoln Elementary School. 2. There should be a physical education curriculum guide similar to that described in this study prepared for the other four elementary schools at Hays, Kansas. 3. A curriculum guide should be prepared for the physically handicapped children in the Hays, Kansas, elementary schools 4. A full time physical education curriculum coordinator should be hired for the elementary schools of Hays, Kansas. 5. It is recommended that tumbling mats be made available for Lincoln Elementary School, Hays, Kansas. 6. The employment of a qualified elementary school physical education instructor for the Lincoln Elementary School, hays, Kansas is recommended. 7. Showers and dressing facilities should be made available to all students at the Lincoln Elementary School, Hays, Kansas. 8. Physical fitness tests have been given to the fifth and sixth grade children at the Lincoln Elementary School, hays, Kansas. The results of this testing should be evaluated. 9. Physical education majors at Fort Hays Kansas State College should be encouraged to participate in Physical fitness testing at the Lincoln Elementary School, Hays, Kansas. 10. This curriculum guide should have continual revision to keep it up to date.


James J. Belisle

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Summer 1964

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Thesis - campus only access


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