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Master of Science (MS)


Research was conducted 27 April 1963 through 20 May 1964 at the Finney Basin, a large depression in Finney County, Kansas. The objectives of this study were to determine migration peaks and periods, relative numbers, status of nesting species, and factors resulting in habitat preference of shorebirds of the suborder Charadrii, order Charadriiformes. During this study, a total of 67 visits were conducted to each of four study areas. Some identifications were verified by collecting specimens. A total of approximately 46,000 shorebirds of 22 species were observed during this study. Eighteen species totaled approximately 26,000 individuals during the fall while 20 species totaled approximately 20,000 shorebird individuals during the spring migration period. Results obtained in this study concerning the Sanderling, Snowy Plover, and Long-Billed Curlew were found to be in disagreement with previously published summaries. Sanderling was not believed to have a range as broad as that shown by this study. Snowy Plover and Long-Billed Curlew were found to be more common than previously believed. Shorebirds showed a preference for areas where mud-flats were available, however a correlation may exist between food present and numbers of shorebirds present. Only one species, American Avocet, was found to nest in the Finney Basin during this study, however other species would probably nest here in other years.


Charles A. Ely

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Summer 1964

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