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Master of Science (MS)


The purpose of this paper was to determine the frequency of occurrence of seven factors which tend to aid personal adjustment of residents in a Protestant home for the aged. The seven factors were: (1) presence of good physical health, (2) feeling of economic security, (3) favorable relations with relatives, (4) number of friends and visitors, (5) participation in religious activities, (6) participation in leisure-time activities, and (7) feelings of security and independence. The findings indicated that the better-adjusted elderly persons in this Home had acquired these factors. Those who were not so well adjusted had acquired them to a lesser degree. In order to obtain this information the following procedure was adopted: 1. eleven residents of a Protestant home for the aged were selected as subjects for this study. Only residents who had lived in the Home for one year or more were included. 2. Information was obtained through interviews. In view of these findings provisions for "old age" should be begun before the individual reaches that period of life. It is possible that this might be done through adult programs sponsored by educational, religious, and other organizations.


Robert R. Witt

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Summer 1963

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