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Fall 1963

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Master of Science (MS)




Crocker Peoples


The purpose of this study was to determine some of the possible differences in three different types of motivational orientations and two different environmental conditions in behavior in a bargaining game. Sixty undergraduates enrolled in General Psychology at Fort Hays Kansas State College were used. The three different motivational orientations were: 1) cooperative, 2) competitive, and 3) individualistic; and the two different environmental conditions were: 1) face-to-face, and 2) behind-the-screen. The subject’s task was to make one of the two choices which could be either a cooperative or a competitive choice. Significant differences were obtained in comparing responses given in the three different motivational orientations, but significant differences were not obtained between responses in the two different environmental conditions. A cooperative orientation led to more cooperative behavior than the individualistically or competitively oriented groups and the competitively oriented was least cooperative of all.


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