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For families who have a children with disabilities, a great amount of stress are put on not only the primary caregivers but all members of the family unit. This study examined what factors influence stress experienced by siblings of children with disabilities. These factors included severity of the children’s disabilities, gender of the siblings, how much help the siblings provide in the care of the children with disabilities, and the number of people in the families. The purpose was to raise awareness of the participants and pinpoint certain characteristics that affect how frequent and how intense stress is experienced by siblings of children with disabilities. The study also examined situations and characteristics that increased frequency and how much happiness the siblings of children with disabilities experienced because of uplifting experiences. The results indicated that as the participants took on more responsibilities in the care of their siblings with disabilities the less frequent they reported these hassles occurring. The siblings that provided more help in the care of the children with disabilities may no longer perceive these situations as hassles, therefore reporting they occur less often.


Dr. Janett Naylor

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Spring 2013

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