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The Educational Field Service at Fort Hays Kansas State College was organized to provide service to schools in western Kansas. Much of the research, calculation, and evaluation is done by graduate students under the guidance of college consultants and this paper is designed to show a step by step procedure of the processes involved in carrying out an Educational Field Service Survey. It is hoped that this report will be of particular value to those students working with the Fort Hays Kansas State College Educational Field Service but it may also offer suggestions for any studies requiring the conducting of curriculum evaluations in the public schools. Studies by the Educational Field Service are done at the request of school boards who wish to have the building facilities and curriculum of their local schools evaluated any recommendations for improvement then made. This report will not cover the techniques and procedures used in evaluating building facilities. It will be limited to the procedures and techniques employed in conducting a Fort Hays Kansas State College curriculum evaluation in public schools and will include some criteria for checking drafts of final curriculum reports. Graduate students from the Department of Education at Fort Hays Kansas State College assist the directors of the Educational Field Service in administering and evaluating a statement of objectives known as the Behavioral Outcomes Q-Sort, which will be explained later in this report. They also help present materials an outlines to the teachers of the school being evaluated, and offer methods and suggestions on completing them. After the teachers have completed these outlines, showing what is being taught on various grade levels, the graduate students place this information on a flow chart which will show what is being taught in a given subject or area from the first grade through the twelfth. The information obtained in this manner is sent to subject matter specialists from Fort Hays Kansas State College who analyze the program in terms of content, time allotment, and method of teaching and make recommendations for curricular improvement. The graduate students then condense and organize this material into the final report. In this manner a close-working relationship can be developed between the college and local operating school systems in western Kansas. Also, by having subject matter specialists at Fort Hays State College assist in various areas, these school systems can enjoy the benefits of individual help with their own particular problems. The development of a curriculum evaluative report consists of the following step by step procedure. 1. Administering the Behavioral Outcomes Q- Sort and Relative Responsibility Questionnaire. 2. Determining the results of the questionnaire. 3. Explanation of the results of the questionnaire. 4. Presentation of curriculum information gathering devices. 5. Evaluating the curriculum data. 6. Presenting curriculum evaluative data to college consultants. 7. Writing the final curriculum report. 8. Checking the drafts of final curriculum report.


Gordon W. Price

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Summer 1963

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