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Master of Science (MS)


The purpose of this thesis is to point out the main features of present personnel selection practices pursued by private business firms in the United States and Colombia. To illustrate personnel practices in the United States the personnel selection policies of some of the internationally known and privately owned companies are discussed. Information has been obtained from both U.S. and Colombian firms about their different techniques in hiring people and it has been observed that with a few exceptions the Colombian enterprises do not have a definite and regular process technically adjusted to their present needs. Some patterns of personnel selection are explained which Colombian companies could follow to improve the rate of economic growth in Colombia. To meet this goal having the right people in the right place is essential. Through this paper an effort will be made to prove how efficiency increases when applicants have been carefully selected. We intend to set up specific recommendations for the elimination of inefficient selection practices. It is interesting to define what personnel selection is: “in its restrictive meaning, selection, is the process by which potential employees, recruited from various sources, are examined and separated into two classes, those to be employed and those who are not to be accepted”. As it can be noted the selective process is a negative one. Essentially it consists of a procedure for identifying and eliminating those who are not believed to be appropriate candidates for available jobs. Selection is directly related to recruitment, which supplies the people from which selection is made. The policies of both Colombian and United States business firms have been analyzed. The analysis leads to the conclusion that personnel practices are not too efficient in Colombia. Finally, certain recommendations for the improvement of these practices in Colombia are discussed. It also should be said that there are some limitations in this study. There is lack of information on particular personnel practices and not many books have been published in Colombia concerning personnel policies of business firms. There is also a limitation of periodicals and material found in the Forsyth Library on South American privately owned industrial enterprises.


Richard Levitt

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Spring 1963

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Thesis - campus only access


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