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Master of Science (MS)


A mourning dove production study was conducted in an Osage orange timber claim located five miles north of Hays, Ellis County, Kansas during the 1962 mating season. An estimated 92 pairs of doves attempted 400 nests of which 389 were followed to completion. One hundred and sixty six nests were lost to predators, storms, abandonment, and hunting pressure for a success of 57.44 per cent. Two hundred and sixty of the 784 eggs laid and 114 of 524 nestling’s doves were lost during the nesting season for a success of 66.84 and 79.25 per cent respectively. Four hundred and ten nestlings were fledged averaging 4.45 fledged young per pair. Total nest density in the study area was an estimated 74 nests per acre. The greatest number of nests found at any one time was 92, constituting a density of 17.3 active nests per acre. The fall dove hunting season resulted in the termination of nesting activity. Doves were still in the process of nest building and incubation when the hunting season began but no new nests were started after this time and many of the active nests were deserted.


Charles A. Ely

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Spring 1963

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