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Master of Science (MS)


Morphological characteristics including leaf size, shape, color, type of margins, type and degree of pubescence, and stomatal density, and anatomical characteristics including arrangement of tissues, relative size and shape of cells, and types of cells or tissues, of winter rosette leaves and summer leaves of some native forbs were compared. Morphological results were obtained by observing whole leaves. Later the leaves were pressed and then photographed. Comparison of stomatal densities were made by observing microscopic slides of epidermal peels. Photomicrographs of the epidermal sections were taken. Anatomical results were obtained by observing microscopic slides containing leaf cross-sections. Photomicrographs of the cross-sections were taken. Morphologically, the winter rosette leaves differed from summer leaves in that rosette leaves: (1) usually had fewer lobes when leaves were divided, (2) were relatively smaller, (3) of ten contained purple coloration, and (4) usually had a slightly higher density of trichomes. Two species showed variations in leaf margins. Variations of stomatal densities were also observed. Anatomically, winter rosette leaves differed from summer leaves in that most rosette leaves had: (1) a lower length to width ratio of palisade parenchyma cells, (2) a cross-section of reduced length and width, (3) a reduced amount of spongy or water storage parenchyma cells, and (4) a reduced amount of palisade parenchyma per volume of leaf.


G. W. Tomanek

Date of Award

Summer 1963

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Thesis - campus only access


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