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Master of Science (MS)


The purpose of my thesis has been to communicate some of my thoughts, ideas, and emotions through drawing. The technical motivation stemmed from the fact that since Degas, I feel that pastels have been overlooked as a profound means of expression. In my experimentation, I used along with pastels various painting media combinations of linseed oil, casein varnish, copal varnish, turpentine, and stand oil. From this foundation I extended the combination of materials as I felt the need arose. For example, in addition to pastels, I have used singly and in combination charcoal, conte, cray-pas, wax pencils, ball point pen, felt tip pen, water-color wash, and casein. Technically, the most fascinating and challenging part of this thesis has been the use of these materials with the oil media and varnishes. The concept of overlays and transparencies was a new one for me personally. The use of a glossy surface was employed and was found in some cases to be of great benefit in bringing the colors to a greater degree of clarity and beauty. On the other hand, I found the use of dammar and matte fixatives deadening to the color quality of pastels. Despite the concern inevitably in art with techniques, one can never forget the idea, mood, or feeling to be communicated. The most gratifying point is reached when the creator has mastery enough of his material so that the ideas can blossom through that imperceptible union of the idea and the medium, which is the essence of the creative act. As for the ideas I wanted to express or communicate, I can only say that there are many experiences I have had which move me toward artistic expression. The techniques used during the work connected with this thesis not only expanded my horizons artistically but have, I believe, enabled me to reach a more powerful expression of my feelings and ideas. To list all things I had in mind with each drawing would be sheer folly. Perhaps the simplest thing I could say would be that I am concerned with the human condition and hope I have managed to convey some of these concerns to the viewers of my work.


Dr. Joel C. Moss

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Spring 1963

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Thesis - campus only access


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