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Master of Science (MS)


The purpose of this study was to explore the effects and possibilities of earthenware and stoneware when formed by the pinch or thrown methods. After some experimentation with the two methods it was decided to continue to form various shapes and sizes by the wheel method and discover suitable ornamentation and glazes for each. Rounded forms created by the wheel method seemed to be the most satisfactory. Some of these forms were made in two or three pieces on the wheel and joined by slip and cross hatching after the forms were firm enough to support the upper section. In some of the clay bodies a colorant or speckling agent, such as milled or granular ilmenite, iron oxide, chromium oxide or manganese oxide was used for various effects when used with certain glazes or in a reduction fire. Incised, agraffito, or brushed effects were used to relieve the plainness of some forms. Most of the glazes for both earthenware and stoneware were matt except where a transparent or rutile effect was desired to enable a design to show through or to mingle colors. The band built sculpture, "In the Beginning of Time," was stained end waxed requiring no glaze. Experimentation with the various methods, clay bodies, color ants, glazes, sizes, and shapes, has brought the writer to the conclusion that rounded forms have been the most satisfactory and pleasing, and that the possibilities in this method for further creative expression are unlimited.


Dr. Joel C. Moss

Date of Award

Summer 1962

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Thesis - campus only access


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