Master's Theses

Date of Award

Summer 1962

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




Floyd E. Kisinger


An attempt was made to determine comparative effect of nitrogen fertilizer (NH4NO3) on growth and root development of wheat as influenced by various densities of fireweed (Kochia scoparia) under greenhouse conditions. 1. Fireweed grown alone did not show any significant differences in height due to density or fertilizer. 2. When fireweed was grown in association with a uniform stand of wheat, significant differences in height occurred among treatments (densities of fireweed) and among rates of nitrogen fertilization. 3. Nitrogen fertilizer did not significantly increase the growth of wheat when fireweed was present at two, four, and eight plants per phytometer. 4. Nitrogen at the rate of one hundred pounds per acre was better than fifty pounds which in turn increased the length of the roots significantly more than the control (no nitrogen). 5. Nitrogen application increased the dry matter of top growth of weeds when grown alone. 6. Dry matter yield of fireweed grown with wheat was also significantly influenced by densities of weeds. 7. Nitrogen fertilizer increased dry yield of fireweed in presence of wheat crop. 8. Wheat dry matter yield was decreased in presence of fireweed densities but nitrogen fertilizer did not increase dry yield of wheat. 9. One hundred pounds of nitrogen per acre was significantly better than fifty pounds which in turn significantly increased dry matter of roots more than the control. 10. In general, shoot-root ratio decreased in all treatments with added nitrogen.


Copyright 1962 Madhukar K. Kherde


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