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Summer 1962

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Master of Science (MS)




Harold S. Choguill


A kinetic investigation has been made of the deiodination of o-iodoaniline in aqueous media. This has confirmed the mechanistic picture of the deiodination process proposed by H.S. Choguill and J.H. Ridd in J. Chem. Soc., 822 (1961), and also has provided a basis of comparison among the isomers of iodoaniline. The time rate of deiodination was studied by measuring iodine released from o-iodoaniline in aqueous acid solution in presence of iodine ion. Iodine concentration was determined by thiosulfate titration and spectrophotometry. Rate constants were calculated from the change in stoichiometric concentration of amine. These kinetic data were interpreted in terms of the mechanism. The major studies involved in this investigation were: the dependence of initial rate on the variation of free amine concentration, the dependence of the initial rate on acidity, difference in activation energies, and kinetic isotope effect on the rate constants.


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