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Master of Arts (MA)


An attempt has been made in this study to present a concise history relating to the initial location of the county seat at Russell Springs, Logan County, Kansas, and the elections to move the county seat to Oakley in 1937 and 1960. The 1960 election, the election campaign, the statutory requirements for holding an election of this type and the court decisions affecting the Logan County relocation issue have been emphasized. The author, in conducting his research, reviewed the constitution, statutes and court decisions of Kansas which related to the relocation issue in Logan County. Official county records, county newspapers and personal interviews were utilized to show how the campaigns were conducted and the election results. The results of this study reveal that the county seat was located in 1887 according to the dictates of a predominantly rural social and political order. A shift in county population from the rural family farm to a town with a majority of the county's population created new opinions and attitudes toward local politics. The 1960 controversy was a traumatic experience for many of the county's inhabitants, but the American sense of fair play so inherent in our way of life was still closely observed. The study also revealed the ethical, social and economic principles guiding the opposing factions in the relocation controversy. The value of excellent leadership and organization in overcoming political apathy was concretely shown in the present study.


Donald B. Slechta

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Summer 1962

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Thesis - campus only access


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