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Master of Arts (MA)


This survey of theme and creative writing in secondary schools was written to aid composition teachers. It consists of a compilation of errors made most often by high school students and offers methods to remedy the errors. Seven errors found to occur most frequently were incomplete and run-on sentences, wrong use of tense, misuse of punctuation, incorrect spelling, non-adherence to main ideas, omission of needed words, and errors in proper use of case. Each is considered separately and suggestions given to overcome these difficulties. Methods to improve writing done by secondary students are presented. Each plan attacks the problem from a different point of view and the teacher may decide which is best for the particular group. All methods presented have proved successful. Plans are designated as follows: Kentucky Council Plan; University of Kansas Plan; Urbana, Illinois Plan; Silvy Kraus Plan; Groucher College Conference; Pittsburgh Public Schools; New England Association; Cranbrook Plan; "Natural" Method; Evans Plan; Ells High School Plan; Sequential Plan; Grand Rapids Plan; and the New Haven Method. The areas which have received special emphasis are those which involve the abilities of the students, training for keener observation, use of outlines, effects of literature and reading, practical forms of writing, precise writing, themes, research papers, slow and accelerated groups of students and teacher evaluation.


Verna Parish

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Spring 1962

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Thesis - campus only access


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