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Master of Arts (MA)


This thesis is designed to serve as a manual or guidebook for yearbook staff members to acquaint them with problems and procedures common to yearbook preparation. Basic requirements of all yearbooks are explained, then adapted to give more specific assistance to those responsible for producing The Reveille. An outline of the organization of a staff with duties of the various members sets forth certain procedures which have proved to be practical for Fort Hays Kansas State College. A financial section explains local policies and should serve a new staff or adviser as a ready reference to answer innumerable questions. Methods of printing are explained briefly and compared, to help a staff decide how to choose a publisher and the desired method of printing. Short chapters are devoted to discussing the Reveille Ball, a social event sponsored by the yearbook, and the Spring Supplement which has become a part of The Reveille. Included in the Appendix is a brief history of The Reveille since its founding in 1914, with a list of all past editors, business managers, and the dedications of the book. Also to be found are a glossary of terms used in yearbook production, samples of forms used by the staff, financial reports, and a summary of qualities of award-winning yearbooks.


Roberta C. Stout

Date of Award

Spring 1961

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Thesis - campus only access


© 1961 Katherine L. Rogers


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