Master's Theses

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Date of Award

Summer 1961

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Health and Human Performance


Walter Kroll


The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of order (five trials a day, for three successive days) upon the measurement of strength of the right wrist palmar flexion muscles of male college students. Thirty-one male college students enrolled at Fort Hays Kansas State College served as subjects for this investigation. Subjects were chosen who could meet with the investigator on three successive mornings and who could comply with the requirements of the investigation. Experimental equipment was constructed to hold the right forearm of the subject being tested horizontally at a ninety degree angle to the cable which passed through the cable-tensiometer, the measurement instrument. Subjects were instructed to pull until they felt they had exerted their maximal strength and to then relax. A one minute rest period between each of the five trials was permitted. An attempt was made to measure each subject at the same time on each experimental day. The F and subsequent t-tests found day three to be significantly greater than day one. Trials three, four, and five were found to be significantly less than trial one and trial five was found to be significantly less than trial two. On the basis of the data and within the limitations of this study the following conclusions seem warranted: 1. A significant increase in strength between day one and day three was observed. 2. A significant decrease between Trial I and trials III, IV, and V and a significant decrease between trial II and trial V was observed. 3. The significant daily increase between day one and day three might be attributed to strength development, learning, or a combination of strength development and learning.


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