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Master of Arts (MA)


This study of Edwards County presents a general history of the county from 1872-1900; stress is on the agricultural development. After a brief discussion of the natural setting and the early settlement and organization of the county, the period covered is divided into three sections: adversity, 1874-1833; boom, 1884-1887; and readjustment, 1888-1900. General agricultural conditions and outstanding events occurring during each period are recorded. Primary sources utilized consists of contemporary newspaper accounts and the secondary sources, in the main, are publications of the Kansas State Historical Society and the Kansas State Board of Agriculture. Kinsley, the county seat and the largest and oldest towns in the county, received more attention than the smaller towns and rural areas of the county. However, the founding of Offerle, Nettleton, Lewis, Fellsburg, Kirkfield, Wendell, and Belpre are also discussed. The writer has included three maps: the county in 1887; boundary changes from 1867 to 1886; and an excerpt from the Kinsley Mercury, April 30, 1887, showing the proposed and completed railroads in Edwards County. Appendix A shows the population of the county, and Kinsley, from 1875 to 1960; Appendix B records the wheat and corn acreage and average yield, and the total value of all field crops, from 1875 to 1900.


Raymond L. Welty

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Spring 1961

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Thesis - campus only access


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