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Master of Science (MS)


I t has been stated that an S's responses are assumed to reveal various aspects of personality. Although there have been no published validation studies on the HIT, it is intended to measure essentially the same variables as the Rorschach. In all probability, when there is a similarity between the Holtzman scoring; category and the Rorschach scoring category, the HIT is revealing similar aspects of personality. Many attempts to measure anxiety have remained at the qualitative level while others have used relatively quantitative psychometric techniques. A recent book (Cattell and Sheier, 1961) presents descriptions of many instruments available for clinical measurement of anxiety. However, all the tests described are recommended for further clinical research. The purpose of the present research, in broad outline, is to use Holtzman's criteria for scoring content to determine whether or not this new test-which seems to have considerable promise as a research instrument because of its psychometric properties--is a valid means for measuring anxiety. Two experimenters (Es) collaborated on collecting the data for this research. The other E is investigations the HIT with regard to "hostility.”


David E. Proctor

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Summer 1961

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Thesis - campus only access


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