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Master of Science (MS)


The purpose of this study was to classify and describe some of the algae of Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Refuge, Barton County, Kansas. The general geographic location is southeast of Hoisington, Kansas. A natural basin has been converted by dikes to control depth and distribution of water in the area. Collections were made along the inlet canal and at the diversion dam on the Arkansas River. Taxonomic descriptions of 63 species and photographs of many are included. Species of algae present in large quantity were preserved and labeled. These specimens were placed in the herbarium collection of Henry J. McFarland (Assistant Professor of Biology, Fort Hays Kansas State College). Methods and materials include photomicrographs made with equipment using a Photomicrographic American Optical 35 mm. camera and Kodachrome film. Black and white prints were made from the 2”x 2” color transparencies. Occasional stains of iodine and gentian violet were used to stop movement of specimens or to show gelatinous sheaths. A taxonomic description and a list of publications used for identification of each species found at Cheyenne Bottoms precedes the photographs. Classification of the algae is according to Smith (1950). The 63 species identified represented 4 divisions, 6 classes, 14 orders, 25 families and 39 genera.


Howard C. Reynolds

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Summer 1961

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