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An attempt has been made in this study to determine the relationship which exists between non-voting and the personal characteristics of sex, age, and occupation. An attempt was also made to discover some of the reasons why eligible voters do not vote. / The study was conducted in Hays, Kansas, immediately following the general election in the fall of 01/01/1958. The group that was studied was composed of 1,087 registered voters who failed to vote in the 01/01/1958 general election. / The research was conducted in two separate phases. First: a tabulation was made of the personal characteristics of the registered non-voters from the official registration lists in the city clerk’s office in Hays. From these tabulations correlations were drawn between non-voting and the age, sex, and occupation of the non-voters. Second: from this group of non-voters a 12.5 percent sample was obtained through the use of a questionnaire with which to determine the possible reasons for non-voting. / The results of the study showed that women were poorer voters than men. Of the total group, there were more young people than old. Of particular interest was the definite correlation between non-voting and occupation. Businessmen were the best voters while those persons classified as laborers were the poorest voters. The majority of women who were non-voters were housewives. / The study also revealed that apathy was probably the greatest one single factor influencing non-voting. Many of the non-voters failed to vote simply because they did not care. Of some significance was the fact that many people had not established sufficient residence.


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Summer 1959

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