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The county commissioners are the elected quasi-legislative, quasi-judicial, administrative officers of the county, and as such have the duty to conduct most of the affairs of the county. This topic was chosen because the office of county commissioner is the most interesting to this student in that as the administrative and supervisory agents of the county they have more liberty of choice and discretion than the other officers; also, because the commissioners are the legal litigants in all suits against the county. The Supreme Court of Kansas has had a great opportunity to review and influence the powers and duties of the office. The Kansas Constitution and the General Statutes of Kansas provide for the office and set out the various duties, powers, and limitations of the office. The Supreme Court of Kansas, however, is the final word on the interpretation of these constitutional and statutory powers and duties of the board. This paper will show the various interpretations and influences on the office as provided by the Supreme Court decisions. The term board of county commissioners will hereinafter be referred to as the board.


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Summer 1959

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