Master's Theses

Date of Award

Summer 1959

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




Committee Chair


The purpose of this study was to classify and describe some of the algae of Ellis and Trego Counties. There are taxonomic descriptions of 30 species found in the study with 42 photographs of the specimens. Samples of the algae preserved were placed in the Elam Bartholomew Herbarium, Fort Hays Kansas State College; in the author's own personal herbarium collection and in the herbarium collection of Henry J. McFarland (Assistant Professor of Biology, Fort Hays Kansas State College). Methods and materials used in the study include a list of photographic equipment and methods, stains used, preservative formula and method used for drying algae on mica slides for the herbarium collection. A taxonomic list and index to the algae was prepared as well as descriptions and illustrations of the species found. Included with the species descriptions are the list of publications used in identifying them and also a list of where each species has been collected within Ellis and Trego Counties. According to the general classification used by G. M. Smith, the 30 species described represented 4 divisions, 5 classes, 11 orders, 19 families and 26 genera of algae. However, there were many species that were not described or included in the thesis because of time limitations, space limitations or failure to identify the species. Further checking of the literature may show that 10 of these species are new for the state of Kansas.


Copyright 1959 Ben McFarland


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