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Master of Science (MS)


In summary, I find my main problem in water color painting is how to put an idea down quickly just as I want it and keep it fresh and watery looking. I want to be able to spill out an idea in color that will in the end be right in design. Fredrick Whitaker, an American watercolorist, once said that he wanted his paintings to look as if he had painted them in a few minutes even though they had actually taken a week or two. He doesn't want that worked-over look. To be able to get this freshness, I must learn to visualize quickly what I want to portray, then know just how much detail I need in order to say what I really want to say. I need to learn how much color is necessary because colors dry lighter. I believe that a vivid imagination is very helpful to the watercolorist. Painting with water colors is not only my most relaxing pastime, but also the most satisfying means I have for communicating my ideas and feelings.


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Spring 1958

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