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Master of Science (MS)


The purpose of the thesis, A Study in Style and Content of the Speeches of John F. Kennedy on Foreign Policy was two-fold. The first purpose was to isolate the techniques of style located in the written copies of Senator Kennedy’s speeches on foreign policy. The second purpose of this thesis was to determine Senator Kennedy's views regarding the direction that United States foreign policy should take. In order to study both of these facets it was necessary to locate and analyze all of Senator Kennedy's speeches on foreign policy. Nearly all of these speeches are published in the Congressional Record. The techniques of style were discussed under the following six organizational headings: (1) general observations of style, (2) style of introducing speeches, (3) use of evidence and reasoning, (4) kinds of appeals used, (5) level of vocabulary and language and (6) style of concluding speeches. Senator Kennedy's speeches on foreign policy were concentrated subject-wise on specific world areas. His views concerning foreign policy were different in each area, hence, these views were discussed under the following headings: (1) general views on foreign policy, (2) United States allies, (3) Communist countries, (4) the Middle East, and (5) Indochina and Algeria. This writer encountered no extreme problems and the study resulted in several definite conclusions. Several distinct techniques of style were noted. These techniques were used frequently and seemed to be quite successful. Senator Kennedy's viewpoints regarding foreign policy were clear and concise. A great amount of consistency and farsighted thinking was encountered in the study of these viewpoints.


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Spring 1958

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Thesis - campus only access


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