Master's Theses

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Spring 2018

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Master of Science (MS)




Dr. Thomas Schafer


The potential implications for the discovery of coal bed uranium in Kansas not only have a significant scientific and human health interest impact, but also a possible future economic one as well. This study sought to look for coal bed uranium within the Cretaceous Dakota Formation located in north-central of Kansas. This study utilized the two coal bed uranium proxies of historic subbituminous coal production and radon, and ArcGIS to produce a field-site selection map. This map was used to pick counties within Kansas to collect samples from. Once samples were collected, they were scanned for radiation using all available settings on two Geiger counter units at Fort Hays State University. Samples collected from all field sites within Cloud, Republic, Jewell, and Pottawatomie counties tested negative for uranium, thorium, and other radioactive materials.


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