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Master of Science (MS)


The purpose of this study was to ascertain how frequently five factors, which tend to interfere with the hone training of pre-kindergarten mentally handicapped trainable children occur. The five factors were: (1) the unrealistic search for medical or surgical cure, (2) the unawareness of the retarded child's trainability, (3) the interference with training on the part of relatives, neighbors, friends, and neighborhood children, (4) the emotional involvement of the parents with their retarded children, and (5) indifference to the need for training the child. In order to obtain this information the following procedure was adopted: 1. The parents of fifteen trainable mentally retarded children, who were born between the beginning of 1935 and the end of 1945 and who are now resident at Winfield State Training School, were selected as subjects for this study. Only parents who had kept their children in the home for a sufficiently long period of time to have had an opportunity to train them were selected. 2. Information was obtained by collecting all pertinent data found in the case files of Winfield State Training School and be face to face interviews with the parents. The findings indicated that the parents were not able to give their retarded children proper home training principally because there were no sources of helpful information available to them. In comparison with this fact the other factors studied played secondary roles in interfering with the home training of these children. In view of these findings provisions for early recognition and accurate diagnosis of all retarded children should be made and some workable plan to give the parents regular and continued professional guidance in the training of their retarded children should be initiated.


Dr. W. Clement Wood

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Spring 1956

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Thesis - campus only access


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