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The purpose of this investigation was to study and determine types of objectives selected by teachers of beginning speech courses in Western Kansas high schools and to compare these selections with those of certain college speech instructors. An information blank was employed to obtain data from 44 high school speech teachers. Thirteen instructors from colleges and universities in Kansas and bordering states participated in the study also. Sixty percent of the high school group returned completed information sheets, while 50 percent of the college instructors supplied data. Institutions and personnel participating comprised a representative sample of the population. Analysis of the completed information blanks revealed that almost half of both groups in the study attempted to pursue each of the 21 objectives listed in the information blank. To help the student realize the key role effective speech can play in his life was the single objective ranked most frequently as being of prime importance to a basic course in speech. Objectives dealing with course outcomes and purposes were rated as being the most important objective types by high school teachers. Purpose type objectives were believed to be of most importance by the college group. Teachers having both speech and general method training felt outcome objectives to be of prime value, while teachers experiencing only one type or no method training voted course purpose objectives most important. Inspection of the total times each type of objective appeared in the top five ranks exposed outcome type objectives as being most important to a majority of the high school and college participants. It would appear from evidence provided by the study that the majority of speech teachers attempt to fulfill a multiplicity of goals in teaching a fundamental speech course. Furthermore, study data suggests that the objective, To help the student realize the key role effective speech can play in his life is of prime importance to a substantial number of speech teachers. It was concluded also that teachers and instructors believe types of objectives dealing with course purposes and course outcomes are most important. Finally, the study indicated a definite relationship between the amount of methods training experiences by the teacher and the type of objective he felt to be most important.


Dr. Kenneth E. White

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Spring 1956

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