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Master of Science (MS)


The area was observed and studied during the summer of 1952. All plants found were recorded and then divided into lists showing frequency of occurrence of dominants and subdominants on the upland, hill side, and lowland habitats. The upland and gentle slopes were further divided to better describe their vegetation. The upland was divided into open and closed cover habitats, while the hillsides were broken into gentle and steep slopes. The square-foot-sampling method, as described by Voigt and Teaver, was used to obtain the percent of basal cover and percent of composition of the grasses in each habitat . Forb counts were made in 100-square-foot samples, taken at random, throu2;hout the upland and hillsides. Factors used in determining the relationship of the plants to their habitats included the depth of soil and its composition, the general topography, and, to a minor extent , exposure . The geotome was used to obtain the depth of soil.


Dr. F.W. Albertson

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Summer 1954

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Thesis - campus only access


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