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Master of Science (MS)


An on-site human dimension survey was applied at Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area (CHBW), Kansas, to evaluate waterfowl hunters’ support for three alternative management strategies. The strategies included in the survey were: 1) the creation of a refuge-in-time where hunting would be allowed for the entire day, but only on odd-numbered calendar dates, 2) the designation of an existing pool as a primitive pool, i.e., no motorized watercraft allowed, and 3) the creation of a refuge-in-time where hunting would only be allowed in a given pool from ½ hour before sunrise to 1300 hours, but hunting would be allowed every day during that time. Waterfowl hunters at CHBW were surveyed during three different season frameworks during the 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 waterfowl seasons: September teal season, early duck season, and late duck and goose season. There were no significant differences detected relative to season framework; however, waterfowl hunters at CHBW did support the implementation of a primitive pool. The analyses of these surveys will be used to help direct future management decisions, in an effort to increase waterfowl hunter participation and satisfaction at CHBW.


Dr. Elmer J. Finck

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Spring 2014

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