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Potential field and well log data were used to investigate basement features and the overlaying sedimentary layers across four counties in the Central Kansas Uplift. The objective of this study was to (1) investigate and determine the orientation of basement structures/features, (2) estimate the depth to basement, and (3) examine the influence (if any) and relationship between the basement features and the overlaying sedimentary deposits of three oil fields in the study area. Aeromagnetic data was used to interpret and map basement features by applying derivative filters. Well log data was used to pick formation top values and create contour maps of sedimentary strata. Two major types of structural features were identified in the basement of the study location: (i) lineaments representing faults that mostly trend NE-SW and NW-SE, and (ii) basement highs that highlight two well known basement features: the Russell and Rush ribs. The estimated depths to basement using the Source Parameter Imaging (SPI) technique for aeromagnetic data vary between -112 m (-368 ft.) and -1287 m (- 4222 ft.) subsea. The inaccuracy of estimated SPI depths from the aeromagnetic data vary between -22% and 10% of the actual depths obtained from well log data. Contour maps of formation tops of the Arbuckle Group the three fields show antiforms with gentle slopes (~ < 15 m/ km), channel-like, and karst features. Structures mapped in the Arbuckle appeared to be influenced by basement topography and basement lineaments (mostly faults). Contour maps of the sedimentary layers (e.g., Lansing-Kansas City Group), overlaying the Arbuckle in most of the study location show broad and flat-topped deposits with no significant structural influence from the basement. Our results show considerable structural influence of basement structures on sedimentary layers directly overlaying it.


Dr. Hendratta Ali

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Fall 2017

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