Master's Theses

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Date of Award

Summer 1952

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Master of Science (MS)


Economics, Finance, & Accounting


Dr. Leonard W. Thompson


The situation in regard to student organization accounting is very nearly chaotic . Colleges and universities have long realized that student organizations do not keep adequate records , but few of the smaller colleges have taken the necessary steps to remedy the situation. The problem was stated several years ago by T. G. Carlson, Business Hanager of the University of Arkansas, in a report to a group of business officers . In commenting upon the audit practices of schools, Mr. Carlson said, "Many schools had a perfunctory supervision but only three or four had developed a thorough- going audit.” Mr. Harold C. Hand in his book Campus Activities declares that there has been a vast expansion of the student- activity program and this "has given rise to numerous problems associated with the financing of these projects .


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