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Master of Science (MS)


The collected poems from the pen of Geoffrey Chaucer form a volume of rare and delightful readings, readings which are of a tender and luminous beauty; they are woven with a tremulous ingenuity that frequently repels the superficial reader, tries the endurance of the casual reader, and interests and attracts the earnest reader. Students who enroll in a course in Chaucer will not find it drudgery but will thoroughly enjoy its sparkling beauty and brilliance. when work was started toward a Master's Degree, a season of study had been completed on Chaucer . There was a desire on the part of the author to combine Chaucer and art. After a conference with Dr. Coder, he granted his permission. Certain people had attempted to draw pictures of the Canterbury pilgrims, yet nothing authoritative had been done to ascertain these findings. The procedure seemed quite simple, but was indeed difficult; this was to be authentic. Every obtainable clue, giving a thin thread of hope, was completely and thoroughly examined. Bit by bit, the reconstruction of the mosaic of the long for gotten past has been brought to a conclusion . This thesis was written with the hope of contributing a better understanding, a clearer interpretation, and a greater appreciation of Chaucer's characters, that these may be to others, as they have been to me, a source of unfeigned delight.


Dr. Ralph V. Coder

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Summer 1952

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Thesis - campus only access


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