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Many questions may be raised concerning the relationship in achievement that lies between the pupil on the one hand and the experience and training of the teacher on the other. Parents, school officials, and others interested in the efficiency of schools have raised such questions as these, "does teacher preparation and experience materially effect pupil achievement" or, “does the standardization of a school have an effect upon pupil achievement?” Answers pro and con are to be found to these questions, some based upon careful study and inquiry and others on mere subjective opinion. The writer of this thesis has had experience as a teacher at the high school level. This experience most of which was in the field of social science raised questions regarding the relationship 1 of pupil. achievement and teacher preparation and experience. Furthermore this question may be raised as it applies to one school or another, for example, a one-teacher school or an eight grade elementary school. To be more specific, the question of achievement may be tied to a specific subject or to several subjects in these types of schools. Very naturally then out of this experience not only as a teacher but 1 as an administrator as well grew the particular problem of this thesis, which may be stated as follows: The Relationship of Eighth Grade Pupil Achievement to Teacher Preparation and Experience. The problem as stated divides itself into two parts: achievement of eighth grade pupils in history and geography (2) teacher preparation and experience.


Dr. Robert T. McGrath

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Spring 1951

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