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Master of Science (MS)


Beginning in 1949 a remedial summer school session was held in the Ellinwood Elementary School to help the pupils who had failed to advance with their groups or whose achievement was low. This investigation was designed to study the summer school program for the purpose of justifying its continuance or to show the effort to be of insignificant educational value and , therefore, no more than a keep -them-off-the-street plan . Although the summer school -included only the subjects of reading, arithmetic, and spelling, the study was limited to the remedial reading division of the summer of 1949 during which there were thirty-four pupils enrolled in this department. Whatever the findings are, the results shown are applicable to a local situation only and are derived from such a limited study that there is no attempt to generalize.


Dr. W.C. Wood

Date of Award

Fall 1951

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Thesis - campus only access


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