Master's Theses

Document Type


Date of Award

Spring 1950

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Health and Human Performance


Dr. Robert T. McGrath


The problem of the thesis, Current Trends~ Basketball Coaching, is a study based upon the systems of various college basketball coaches selected from representative sections of the United States. This study includes information in regard to various phases of the game of basketball as well as the ideas and philosophy of certain coaches. The Purpose of the Study The purpose of this thesis is to portray the following trends in basketball coaching, past and present, as found in certain schools of thought concerning the game: 2 (a) to show the early development of the game of basketball; (b) to present the systems of a number of contemporary college basketball coaches; (c) to determine and show trends in the offensive and defensive tactics over a period of years (d) to set up a basis f or the application of the present systems of coaching basketball; (e) to review the system of basketball coaching used currently at Fort Hays Kansas State College; (f) to show the proper relationship among players, coaches, and spectators.


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