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Summer 1950

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Master of Science (MS)




Dr. Robert T. McGrath


It is the purpose of this thesis to give the types and sources of radio educational programs and to point out the methods and techniques of adapting these programs to the classroom situation, and also to show the equipment necessary in this application and how this equipment may be used. It is also the purpose of this research not only to show how radio sources have been used in the classroom, but also to point out other desirable uses. The Application of Radio Techniques in the Classrooms in the Secondary Schools brings into focus the impact of radio upon education will: (1) attempt to present in an organized manner the varying aspects of radio in education and, to show the relation of these aspects of radio to the classroom USB; (2) show the practicability of radio in education; (3) show the problems in education that may be solved through the application of radio; and (4) will demonstrate the promising future that radio has in the field of education.


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