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The importance of forbs to the livestock diet seems to come from their high percentage of calcium and phosphorus (Runyon, 1947). Furthermore, they also contain a higher amount of moisture (Savage and Heller, 1947) which makes them more succulent and therefore more palatable than the grasses during drought. This condition of greater succulence is due in part at least to _the more deeply penetrating roots of the forbs (Albertson, 1937). Observations also have indicated the possibility of a considerable amount of latex, oils and resins in the green forb plants. Because of the importance of these plants it was thought wise to make a study of the anatomy of as many species as time would permit. The following features of the plants selected were studied: (1) diameter of stem, (2) number and radial diameter of vascular bundles, (3) number and diameter of resin ducts, (4) amount of pith, (S) presence of pericyclic fibers, (6) ratio of diameter of conductive tissue to diameter of total stem and (7) the proportion of primary body to secondary body.


Dr. Fred W. Albertson

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Fall 1949

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