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In recent years there has been much improvement in the quality of school buildings, equipment, and supplies . Qualifications of administrators, supervisors, teachers, and almost all other employees have been advanced. Requirements and standards for custodians have begun to show a trend upward . In the last quarter of a century, janitor-engineer schools have been held to raise the standards of custodians in the proper maintenance of the school buildings and grounds . The position of the custodian in previous years has often been given to an aged person, to a cripple, to a political friend, to some incompetent person, or to anyone who could be persuaded to take it. Many of these custodians do not have a broad idea as to the duties of a custodian. As a result they do not do any more than is absolutely necessary to maintain a minimum of requirements. For several years the writer has been a principal in the elementary schools of four different communities in Western Kansas, observing the work of at least nine custodians in these buildings. He has been able to observe, in a general way, the standards of maintenance that were being met in the high schools of these communities. A need f or more competent work was displayed . From this observance and in courses in School Administration the following problem was decided upon, namely: Proposed Qualifications for Custodians in Certain Kansas Schools . Since all of the school s of the state would be difficult to cover in the limited time provided, it was suggested that a limitation be placed upon schools of certain communities . Therefore only the communities in Kansas with a population between 1000 and 10,000 were to be contacted . The Kansas Government Journal was used to check the census of these communities . One hundred thirty-two communities were selected.


Dr. Robert T. McGrath

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Spring 1949

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